lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

If you are not from Chile...

I you are not from Chile but you still want to have a Musgoamigo,
you can do your orders at this mail:

I usually do comissions, so you can look at the pictures of this blog and ask me for your own very personalized doll or textile...

Prices are like this:

Big dolls (30 x 15 cms): $35
Medium dolls (17 x 6 cms): $25
Small dolls (9 x 5 cms): $20
(prices are in US dolars)

At this price we must add the shipping costs...cause the Musgoamigos lived in South América

sorry for my english :)

4 comentarios:

zigsma dijo...

I like your English. :) And your Musoamigos. They're lovely.

contacto dijo...

well thank you!

Kickcan and Conkers dijo...

Is it possible to pay via paypal I wonder?

contacto dijo...

Yes it is.
We can arrange everything via e-mail